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Stay @ #531 !!! Discovered a family of friends @ IIT !!! :)

May 15th ... Tears with hugs.. " I am gonna miss u mom!" Everyone teasing me for my home sickness and being mom's chipkoo !!! On May 17th along with my other PSG TECH friends... entered the IIT  campus...!!! Chennai was boiling and yes down somewhere deep in my heart I missed my home, the city where i was born, the climate, water ... "CBE missing"...! But the thoughts vanished  away slowly with my vision lying on monkeys ... deers....!  First day getting a key from warden, signing a note ...entry time... oh I am gonna stay in a hostel !!! and first qn popped out...!Till what time we are allowed out !!! 10.30 pm calmly she replied.. But u are allowed to roam anytime anywhere in the campus with no curfews ;) !!! unpacked my luggage and settled at room #531 and then the... Monkeys waited to welcome us and pull our bags :O ! 2 weeks .. we gotta tolerate them...and Saranya's "ANJANAYAAR" chanting is the only way i guess we could drive them away :P Vi…

The Placement Reality @ backstage !

I was into my Seventh Semester, the final year at college. The season of placements have started at college. A sense of fear about how the future would be was going down deep into the mind disturbing my self confidence , my inner strengths and the worst part was I was losing the most important attribute of believing in myself which had been the reason of achieving not that big but something I had been treasuring and kept me going.
        Tears had always been my best friend in the worst time lessening my pain but hurting my family. Trust me, however close your friends are; however good your neighbor or acquaintances are.. the way your family handles you; believes in you cant beat any bond which can boost your confidence , and stand near you with equal strength both at good and bad times after all they were the ones who nourish you.
       I had a good or bad habit ( I still have) I don't know which category does it fall if you judge people during situations; throws light…

Conscience @myinnervoice !

Moral Science... a subject in my primary school would always teach me a lot of moral values but there has been one of the several lessons that I had been carrying for a long long time and will till Oxygen enters my nose :P ,

" Whatever you think... Whatever you speak... Whatever you do... there is always an inner voice which precedes and this inner voice is termed as CONSCIENCE ! "

 This inner voice has inevitable power and dominates my life !

         When I was a class leader in the primary , I was so sincere to write NAMES on the board who would talk in teacher's absence and this would result in wooden scale hits on my class mates hands... and I had been an impartial leader and this also resulted in losing my good so called best friends !
         Its just the same inner voice which reduced my stern nature to soft heart seeing those red palms bcoz of the hits !

        I never liked copying in test and I would always be the helper to find the culprit in teacher'…

Confe$$ion !

A friday silent dull evening for my  mind as I came back home sat in one corner and cried , cried cried till someone could find out. My mom came near me and got shocked to see those RED SWOLLEN eyes trying to figure out why I had been crying  with every possible questions.

"Why are u crying?
Did anyone scold you?
Did u fight with your best friend?
Did anyone beat you?"
" tell me why are u crying my dear? "

  My mom immediately called my dad and told him to rush home as i had just been crying and crying silently.

My dad came in just few minutes and asked me...

"What happened? Tell me.... !"

" I did a mistake. I am bad girl. I am bad student. I am bad daughter. "

Dad in his calm voice, "Why do you feel so?"

" To help my friend score 1 MARK in a mid term test, I changed the answers in her paper which my teacher trusted me and gave me to hand it over to the physics teacher. I was just in Seventh grade with little knowledge that m…


Usual morning to run and catch the direct bus #S12...! This morning I met a person who was a regular customer at my dad's office. He had been working in a firm in our street. With morning greetings, he inquired about my college, academics etc.,.
       His voice began to fell with grief and pain as the conversation penetrated towards Life which is no free with stress and the competition around. Lack of Job Satisfaction had made him to change his job and the new job's workplace was quite far away from the previous In spite of these drawbacks, he enjoyed working in a target oriented company filled with pressure to work apart from the packages, additional packages were job satisfaction, quality and loads of travelling too. 
    When he graduated in 1998, life was totally different. Fresh blood bubbling to achieve heights, friends,  parties and happiness covered the air. 
But today he has lost the reason to live.
 In 2006, he got married and his wife passed away in 2009 because o…

CRU$# - Understood with a misunderstanding years back and now Redefined :) !

“I have a crush on him!”,  whispered my friend  looking at a tall boy who would always tease her and pull her plats which I hated to the core ! I was in the 8th grade then and to be honest; I knew only one meaning of “crush” and my knowledge of dictionary defined it as
“Something that u squeeze to destroy / damage it and throw away!”
But she had told this with a shy smile with a running thought in my mind about the word  I redefined the word CRU$#  with my content matching dictionary as
 “Human being specifically a  BOY whom A GIRL would love to beat in a crowd in order to damage thereby ensuring that he never dares to tease her back.”
I smiled back at her because I was happy that she realized that it’s high time that she puts a full stop on the boy’s teasing words. There were several reasons for my happiness. One reason for happiness was I always admired the moments when a girl would silent a guy with her words/action. Next, I had always enjoyed dominating in school and would not tole…

Lady BSF !!! Its not about the military its all about bus journey!!!

While I was travelling in the usual bus #7 on my way to college, listening to songs, my phone vibrated... It was a message from my Brother...I don't remember the wordings of the message though they were wonderful but the conclusion of the message was "Happy World Story Telling Day". Reading the message and ending with a smile I lifted my head listening to some terrible shouts.

 "Why cant you stand there and why are you balancing your weight on me by falling on me ?", yelled a lady, who had her head decorated with beautiful jasmine flowers.

"Its not your property, I can stand wherever I want to and I am not falling !", shouted another lady who had been carrying around 3 big bags along with her. In spite of the heavy weight she was carrying; she continued her shouting, "If you want comfort travel by auto or car, bus is not your option".

     The usual arguments that happen when the driver applies the break suddenly and people standing li…

Motivation, Inspiration comes in any form in real life !

' I wanna get a chocolate !!! I will go and get them !!!".. Dad says " I will come with you..."Though the shop is just two buildings away... Obviously I was just 7 years old then.... But Dad was there always wherever I went for whatever I went be it feelings, problems or materialism :) But today I had to go to collect my scholarship amount and yes I had to travel alone !!! Few months back his health had been in a critical position... and I did want his company to travel which I love alot. But with heat out there I didn want him to get boiled and worsen his health condition !!! I crossed the road to get to the stop and yes my eyes shined as I saw a  bus approaching and the joy that you get while catching a running bus and the stare that people give when a girl does that ! Its awesome :) With the cool breeze touching your face and your favourite song playing on your ears rejuvenates your soul and cheers you up ! Now I had reached a stop where I had to change the bus …