Lady BSF !!! Its not about the military its all about bus journey!!!

     While I was travelling in the usual bus #7 on my way to college, listening to songs, my phone vibrated... It was a message from my Brother...I don't remember the wordings of the message though they were wonderful but the conclusion of the message was "Happy World Story Telling Day". Reading the message and ending with a smile I lifted my head listening to some terrible shouts.

 "Why cant you stand there and why are you balancing your weight on me by falling on me ?", yelled a lady, who had her head decorated with beautiful jasmine flowers.

"Its not your property, I can stand wherever I want to and I am not falling !", shouted another lady who had been carrying around 3 big bags along with her. In spite of the heavy weight she was carrying; she continued her shouting, "If you want comfort travel by auto or car, bus is not your option".
     The usual arguments that happen when the driver applies the break suddenly and people standing literally  fall on each other. But after a minute the heated argument changed into action.

        First time in my life, I witnessed ladies slapping each other with full force and each one pulling each other's plat and disturbing the beautiful jasmine flowers set on their head. Not only that, the petals had also fallen on the bus and they were stamping them. Nature lover's pain :O !!! Seeing them fight I went into flashback where my class boys during the sixth or seventh grade would fight like that and now back to real time the scene did make me laugh at one point and at the same time I felt how stupid those ladies were who lacked maturity. Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! one of the two ladies hit the other lady with one of the heaviest bag of the three she carried.
        Now the most unexpected happen, the other lady just bent down to took her slipper and now was the entry of the referee of the Lady BSF (BUS STANDING FIGHT) ;) :) :D I would say, who stopped those ladies action fight meanwhile all of the other ladies tried persuading them to stop the fight and calm down.

         Gradually, the action fight was again restored to filthy words! And yes with less knowledge on the local language I didn't understand anything except that it was bad. At the next stop, few passengers got down and the jasmine lady sat next to me. I pushed myself to the maximum near the window and this jasmine lady started the lady criticisizing discussion with me.

          With silence I heard for few minutes and  I stood up and showed her , "Keep Quiet" just how my teacher used to show during my school days to silent my talkative nature in class. "Its over", before she could continue her discussion further I got down at my destination.

        I have traveled so many times standing and even had fallen and some had fallen on me; but we apologies and accept apologies. The driver's way of driving is not under our control but ofcourse understanding small things and being mature is always under our control !!! Silence is not the best solution to a problem always but sometimes in situations like this one is proved to be wise person just with a silence !!! Yes I got a wonderful story to share back on that day with my friends and family !!! :)


  1. Wonderful story of the not so wonderful Bus Journey ... !

    1. :) Just one such but i still get a smile when i think about that Srini :)


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