Motivation, Inspiration comes in any form in real life !

' I wanna get a chocolate !!! I will go and get them !!!".. Dad says " I will come with you..."Though the shop is just two buildings away... Obviously I was just 7 years old then.... But Dad was there always wherever I went for whatever I went be it feelings, problems or materialism :) But today I had to go to collect my scholarship amount and yes I had to travel alone !!! Few months back his health had been in a critical position... and I did want his company to travel which I love alot. But with heat out there I didn want him to get boiled and worsen his health condition !!! I crossed the road to get to the stop and yes my eyes shined as I saw a  bus approaching and the joy that you get while catching a running bus and the stare that people give when a girl does that ! Its awesome :) With the cool breeze touching your face and your favourite song playing on your ears rejuvenates your soul and cheers you up ! Now I had reached a stop where I had to change the bus again and it was time for my earphone to get inside my bag ! The stand that is my stop #2 was crowded here with parents and their children holding their hands, walking together and few waiting to for the bus just like I was waiting ! "I am missing my dad so much", staring at that part of the crowd consisting of families thinking again and again the monotonous thought ! The thought had a pause with the bus arrival and everyone popping in ! Parents throwing their bags through the window for the immediate reservation of seats ! In fact three-fourth of the passengers on the bus were travelling to the same destination where even I was travelling too. Luckily, I managed to get a seat and just felt proud being seated and yes my missing feeling of dad resumed when i saw a dad and her daughter seated together opposite to me ! Suddenly, the vision was blocked by a girl and I looked at her ! She smiled :) and I smiled back ! To transform the conversation of smile into words,
"what's your name?"...
Knowing our names we continued talking about where each of us were travelling to ! And ofcourse the common point to get scholarship ! The most surprising part was both of us were sailing in the same boat travelling alone ... ! And getting to know our educational background institution we got down at our destination! We had to register ourselves at different counters ! there were more than 100000 students and just I knew her in the entire crowd at the beginning but as I went inside found juniors, my batch mates and lot of other acquaintances but we decided to be together even though we kept on meeting people ! Finally after registration we were directed to a hall where people were giving lecture in tamil talking about the greatness of the organisation.But then I was excited to know more about the new Bus friend that I recently made ...So, as usual i again started
 " Suganya, so you are the only daughter?"
 "No, I have a sister younger to me studying in 10th !"
 "Oh that's nice and what are your parents doing?"
"They are working!"
  "hmmm... you have an idea when would they give us the scholarship and leave us I just want to go back home ", I want to see my dad back sooooooon !
"I wish they give it early... As even I have to go and attend a family function at mettupalayam..", was Suganya's reply with little eagerness to go back !

We talked on random stuffs...and walked to get something that would silent the butterflies in our stomach !
As we walked, we decided to have Ice Creams to beat the heat ! But it turned out to be an argument as he was charging 10 rupee more than the MRP ! and I decided not to buy and forced in vain to other buyers not to buy too ! We finally bought some Jack fruits ! Before I could gulp it down,

"Stop... Dont eat !  Lets wash it up and then eat !", with utmost care Suganya told me.

 We walked few more meters and found a tap and sat down under the green shades ! And again our conversation resumed with random stuffs about college life and friends.After few hours , standing in a queue, we finally received the SCHOLARSHIP amount :). It was lunch time and the organizers had sponsored free lunch for all of us apart from the Scholarships. But we decided to skip the lunch whose smell reached our  noses and tempted our taste buds to have it as we had our own family priorities.
On the way back we caught a bus again and this time we talked more about each others family.
 Suganya's parents were working  at the construction sites, earning a mere amount of 30/- per day.
She did her schooling at a Government School which had no proper roof tops and most of the time  the teachers would never turn up to teach them. But the wonderful, charming girl found her passion in Physics and worked hard in spite of every hardships and obstacles that came her way including from her father who didn't like her going to school. With her mom's encouragement and support she is now into final year in one of the most reputed college in the city. And I salute her mom and her for their strength and hardwork they put in. Yes, I was motivated and inspired with new friend that I made just few hours ago. I offered her a  helping hand  that in case she wanted any help in terms of knowledge , notes and books while exchanging our contact numbers and addresses, our conversation ended up with the smile. Waving bye and wishing good luck to each other; we walked back in different directions from stop #2.
   Back home, I shared it with my family and ofcourse my mom's tasty lunch ended the noon.
Happy that I met her, she is into her final year and performing well. Occasionally we talk to each other even today ! God bless her and wishing her to taste success always !


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