Confe$$ion !

    A friday silent dull evening for my  mind as I came back home sat in one corner and cried , cried cried till someone could find out. My mom came near me and got shocked to see those RED SWOLLEN eyes trying to figure out why I had been crying  with every possible questions.

"Why are u crying?
Did anyone scold you?
Did u fight with your best friend?
Did anyone beat you?"
" tell me why are u crying my dear? "

  My mom immediately called my dad and told him to rush home as i had just been crying and crying silently.

My dad came in just few minutes and asked me...

"What happened? Tell me.... !"

" I did a mistake. I am bad girl. I am bad student. I am bad daughter. "

Dad in his calm voice, "Why do you feel so?"

" To help my friend score 1 MARK in a mid term test, I changed the answers in her paper which my teacher trusted me and gave me to hand it over to the physics teacher. I was just in Seventh grade with little knowledge that my teacher would definitely identify the change in handwriting i wrote the correct answer and kept the bundle of papers.
   On that friday evening he made an announcement in front of the entire class about my foolish folly but he had no knowledge that I was the one behind it ! "

Dad, " what you have done is wrong ! you have realised it and now go and confess it ! stop crying go and eat "

And , " You are the best student and best daughter provided you dont repeat it again in your school life ."

I felt so relieved but not happy ! The weekend was dark weekend with only thoughts and rehearsals on how will I go and confess around !

Monday morning... perfect timing to enter, as even sir had entered the school the time i entered with my dad. As he parked the vehicle ; and came out of the parking shed, I stood before him with tears :'( !

With caring voice, my sir asked, " What happened ma? Why are you crying?"

"SIR ! I am sorry.. err... extremely sorry... I was the one who changed the answer... paper...exam... friend help .. but ... I am sorry ..."

He nodded his head and "Don' t repeat ! go to class ! its getting late !dont think about it anymore ! "
     He had been my class Teacher in 11th and 12th grade too. and he had also helped me to cover up portions of 12th by taking extra classes at his home earl mornings 6.30 am to 7.45 am with no extra charges... :) when i missed 2 months of classes because of Jaundice.
     In college too , a lab exam had a different scenario but even this time I fell in trap of a good professor who would understand and really feel that I feel and mean for the confession i make !
   Cheating is an art.. BAD ART I say which I can never conquer and I am proud of it ! :) :D !!! and of course confessions gives me my peace of mind ! 


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