Conscience @myinnervoice !

  Moral Science... a subject in my primary school would always teach me a lot of moral values but there has been one of the several lessons that I had been carrying for a long long time and will till Oxygen enters my nose :P ,

" Whatever you think... Whatever you speak... Whatever you do... there is always an inner voice which precedes and this inner voice is termed as CONSCIENCE ! "

 This inner voice has inevitable power and dominates my life !

         When I was a class leader in the primary , I was so sincere to write NAMES on the board who would talk in teacher's absence and this would result in wooden scale hits on my class mates hands... and I had been an impartial leader and this also resulted in losing my good so called best friends !
         Its just the same inner voice which reduced my stern nature to soft heart seeing those red palms bcoz of the hits !

        I never liked copying in test and I would always be the helper to find the culprit in teacher's language and yes i was in the hatred list of many.
     But then my curiosity to know how it feels when u help some one showing an answer in a test resulted in getting caught and yes there were buckets of tears that came out of my eyes.

   From the childhood memory, My first lie  to my mom was for the DIARY MILK chocolate :P :) Its my inner voice which taught me not to tell a lie... !!!

     My inner voice had prevented me from committing bigggggg mistakes... improved my SELF CONTROL.... taught me ethical values.... helped me maintain my good name and even reduce my guilt and the boldness to confess when I had been wrong !
Inner voice ! A nature's gift or god's gift that I cherish and want its power to increase with my life :) !


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