The Placement Reality @ backstage !

        I was into my Seventh Semester, the final year at college. The season of placements have started at college. A sense of fear about how the future would be was going down deep into the mind disturbing my self confidence , my inner strengths and the worst part was I was losing the most important attribute of believing in myself which had been the reason of achieving not that big but something I had been treasuring and kept me going.
        Tears had always been my best friend in the worst time lessening my pain but hurting my family. Trust me, however close your friends are; however good your neighbor or acquaintances are.. the way your family handles you; believes in you cant beat any bond which can boost your confidence , and stand near you with equal strength both at good and bad times after all they were the ones who nourish you.
       I had a good or bad habit ( I still have) I don't know which category does it fall if you judge people during situations; throws light on how people are to you. A friend of mine who would say
                     " Getting shortlisted in written is just luck !!!"
and after he gets shortlisted and placed too says
                "You need to work hard ! You should do this ! You have to believe in yourself etc.,.. blah blah goes on "
        I could only put a RESISTOR( wish i could even put to the thoughts that were letting me down) near my ears and just allowed my mind to think on other friends' talks which were like wandering questions....
    " Do people really change when they get something which everyone had been trying to get...??? Do you really have to act over-smart just because you got it and go and prick them with all consoling words (totally not required)??? And just because you got it.. all your socialistic and helping nature comes out for the class indirectly blowing your own trumpet to get the center of attraction ... but my mind contradicts the same time what if they really mean it ! "
           Jealousy, Selfishness, Politics, Smiles, Success, Failure, Expectations, Disappointment, Tears and every other Feeling, Emotions were all in the limelight in that phase.
             But there was something more... there were people who were helping each other in a restricted group but were HELPING :) . There were people who consoled on emphasizing on strengths of the one who couldn't make it rather than bragging on how they became successful ( at that point u get a job u r feeling successful; ignoring the future performance for the present time).
             There were people who weren't in any category above mentioned because they remained silent as always carrying beautiful smiles hiding their dismay and I admired them the most for the latter attitude of theirs.

          A mixed feeling penetrates when you have that and when u r besties dont have that. When you express it out few may misunderstand few may understand in the right way. Not changing your attitude when u reach a small altitude can keep not only the things but also the relationship the normal way. True, " Attitude decides one's altitude in life ". Be it relationship or your own attitude to accept the reality, failure and the way you cope with it decides EVERYTHING !


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