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Stay @ #531 !!! Discovered a family of friends @ IIT !!! :)

May 15th ... Tears with hugs.. " I am gonna miss u mom!" Everyone teasing me for my home sickness and being mom's chipkoo !!! On May 17th along with my other PSG TECH friends... entered the IIT  campus...!!! Chennai was boiling and yes down somewhere deep in my heart I missed my home, the city where i was born, the climate, water ... "CBE missing"...! But the thoughts vanished  away slowly with my vision lying on monkeys ... deers....!  First day getting a key from warden, signing a note ...entry time... oh I am gonna stay in a hostel !!! and first qn popped out...!Till what time we are allowed out !!! 10.30 pm calmly she replied.. But u are allowed to roam anytime anywhere in the campus with no curfews ;) !!! unpacked my luggage and settled at room #531 and then the... Monkeys waited to welcome us and pull our bags :O ! 2 weeks .. we gotta tolerate them...and Saranya's "ANJANAYAAR" chanting is the only way i guess we could drive them away :P Vi…