Stay @ #531 !!! Discovered a family of friends @ IIT !!! :)

 May 15th ... Tears with hugs..
" I am gonna miss u mom!" Everyone teasing me for my home sickness and being mom's chipkoo !!!
On May 17th along with my other PSG TECH friends... entered the IIT  campus...!!! Chennai was boiling and yes down somewhere deep in my heart I missed my home, the city where i was born, the climate, water ... "CBE missing"...! But the thoughts vanished  away slowly with my vision lying on monkeys ... deers....!  First day getting a key from warden, signing a note ...entry time... oh I am gonna stay in a hostel !!! and first qn popped out...!Till what time we are allowed out !!! 10.30 pm calmly she replied.. But u are allowed to roam anytime anywhere in the campus with no curfews ;) !!! unpacked my luggage and settled at room #531 and then the... Monkeys waited to welcome us and pull our bags :O ! 2 weeks .. we gotta tolerate them...and Saranya's "ANJANAYAAR" chanting is the only way i guess we could drive them away :P Vidya and Saranya.. my roommates from diff depts of my college :) and first day sleep with no beds..and at 3.30 a.m. heard the screams... which disturbed my sleep ! My guess was rite.. few gals from GVP college had great enteratainment with monkeys early morning ...!!! And then a gal wearing specs had come the next day for query regd beds...sweet in voice had a discussion about it and yes got an other college friend NIROSHA from GVP  !!! then there was no stopping.. the GVP Biomed gals were jus awesome :) Harshitha gave me a chance to be her Tamil tutor for a day and she being my telugu tutor ;) Chandana's conversation made me realise that she is our distant relative's distant relative :D !!! Latha's cheerful smile... the daily good morning exchanges which we never forget... Nimi... Vasu... u r conversation... views about life... ;) Parvathy and shafnaz.... I am UR TWEETY BIRD :P :* !!! We had a great time especially the last day shopping.... and along with  Suganya... Niranjana... Swaathi.. Ashwini... the BEACH TIME ;) DONUT SHOP... Awesome :)
Walking back to my room on the ground floor.... a gal with specs asks me
"Are u a resident here? Is there a lift?" ...
NO... !carry u r weights..which floor?"
"Second Floor"
"its jus the second floor I carried five floors.. lucky you ;) Shall I help u?.."
 "No that's okay ! I have to learn to carry ".... the conversation ended temporarily !!!
And after that we had a dinner @ Zytoons... then the kulfi... then the walk... then.. shhhhh !!! :) SURBHI... u r jus cool bindaaas type gal and had great time with u...!!! U r farewell note and the crackle both were sweet :)
 A short note for all those gals who gave me those wonderful moments @ IIT :) Description is just short but i know when everyone reads this... there is a flashbackand more of decriptive thoughts in u r minds... that would make everyone smile... :)  Love you gals !!!


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