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Best Sisters :)

I don't know where do I start writing when I see the word "SISTERS" .... I miss them the most now :(....
        Studying in the same school :) Riding on Dad's Rajdoot bike to school with my seat on the fuel filling position :) Handling me, my emotional atyachaar, the over sensitive nature which always flows in excess.... Chocolates sharing... Running away on seeing the cockroaches... the FIGHTS ;) and above all the CARE and AFFECTION on each other.

        The calmness and politeness you carry Swaati Di :) and the voice similarity ... you will inspire me always !!! Hiding my faults, protecting me always and making me BOLD... Rashmi di you get the most credit for the last quality of mine :) Your over protectiveness nature towards me is the most admirable quality and I always look up to you. Both of you were there to listen to all my nonsense tension on the smallest things on the earth !!!
       One is Married, working and has turned into a mother…

Birthday Celeb Part#2 @ Home :)

As I climb up the stairs, balloons are bursted by my sister +Swaati Jain , giving me the VIP welcome and making me feel more special. The most adorable niece on the earth holds your hand and guides you inside home.

Before I could complete decsribing the happenings at office, I see my school friend Suvetha and Bruder ~ +vishnu ram :) After a while, Shanmathi , @suk and Shiva Shankari enter and my eyes are filled with tears !!! :) Thanks Suk and Siva for the beautiful gift :)

And then my best friend +Vsvishnu Ram ... gives the surprise by enquiring whether I am at home. ;)

The most Treasured gift :) ~ Coffee Mug with Birthday wish and photo :)

Thanks to +rashmi jain  :) for planning and organizing ;) Dad, Mom for the wonderful dinner and cake :)

Thanks to Baba for the GIFT VOUCHER ;)
Thanks +Sneha Sridhar  for wishing at USA time ;)
Wishes from Cousins.. Brothers :) just making the day special and memorable !!!

Birthday Celeb Part #1 ~ @ Work Place

25th September, 2013, the day which I never expected would turn out to be so wonderful :)

           Thanks to +rashmi jain  for the brownies... staying wake late and preparing four of them at a stretch !!!

Listening to the most beautiful voice singing CUPPY CAKE in the most sweetest way ~ Sha... Shanmathi !!! Early morning, friend  ~ Karthik calls and informs
" Please take the breakfast and keep. I will be late.. Vera onnum llai la? "  I say nothing and agree to the favour he had requested and the call ends with the smile on both sides.
Wishes from everyone and then the Surprise#1 ...  Not allowing me to check my mails and telling me to walk along with them and my eyes witness... the cubicle beautifully decorated with Happy Birthday Sticker stuck, colourful ballons here and there...
Surprise#2 Karthik asks again..."Saw the poster?", before Lakshmi could paste it . This was my Surprise #2 given with prior information :) :P :D !!! A beautiful POSTER with a caption…

Beaten by Bhagath! A Tale of Two Writers

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

If there were movies which gave you an insight about the struggle of an actor/actress and the happenings in the film industry, then Beaten by Bhagath! A Tale of Two Writers by S.V. Divvaakar is an eye opener about the struggle of an author who  wants to create a mark with the power of his pen writing words that can create an impact in a reader's mind.The author's note has quality words which personify the pain intensity and is heart touching.
The story revolves around BB who had been a quality writer and also had been awarded with several praises from his colleague. He plans to try his hands on writing his debut novel whereas on the other hand his college friend K10 was now a well established popular author.
As the story weaves one can find its just not only about the struggles but also the sacrifices a writer had to make in the journey of getting his/her book published. The hardships and the challenges …

Friendships Day !!!

There were times when I have heard...... a decade back....
Friendship - the unbreakable ship in the world or the biggest ship in the world  which were actually termed as "Riddles" back in my school days !

     While studying  in primary and during those school days, Birthday was the day when i would have the most of the friends surrounded just because of "CHOCOLATES"... which were valuable to our taste buds !!! But with time I also heard... the most valuable gift is Friendship !

     I even learnt the quality of POSSESSIVENESS on friends... and the fact is I still miss Bhavana on whom my first possessive feeling came.... She studied with me during the 4th grade just for a year and still I cherish those chocolate wrappers, her beautiful drawings still safe in my shelf...!!! Just studied for a year and she left !!! Even the virtual world seems futile in my search attempts on FB which have gone vague... No doubt no one can ever match her in being the healthy competitor a…

Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai

We have heard the Hollywood superheroes BAT MAN, SUPER MAN, SPIDER MAN but do superheroes emerge from the metal tracks ~ the RAIL MAN? Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai, written by Rishi Vohra , turns out to be an interesting read.       Balwant Srivastav (aka Babloo) suffering from psychiatric problems, had neither received love  nor attention from his family. The author's description about how Babloo received ignorance, his difficulty to grasp and process the fast words in his brain is bound to create a soft corner in the reader's heart. But Babloo had his own dreams or thoughts which neither his parents were giving ears nor his average looking brother Raghu would.      Vandana, one of the main characters can charm anyone not only with her beauty but also be a temporary favourite character at few instances.The author has practically penned down on her modern thoughts and her situation/problem handling mechanism when she finds herself in trouble which are mainly due to the bad e…

IQR Challenge !

I have signed up for IQR Challenge !!! :)
Target is 12

Graduation Journey !

The chapter gets an end today after 4 long years :) ! Well it seemed long when it started and now it just seems... "JUST" !
Had the best of times with so many people ! The joureny from F Block , A Block, K Block ~ The best ;) , I Block... had been really great !!!
Do I have to think about the "mass bunk of maths class in the few early weeks ;) " or the Bday Treats... which had the elements of romance and ball dance among guys... :) :P !!! I know Pranesh , Chollin Selvan ;) I am missing on one :P
For all the IV fun ;) or may be the Batch Day celebrations... !!!
For all the get together time at my home especially the last one... ranging from emotional talks till the current pass games .. shaaabbboootttriiii  .... :) I am trerasuting them !!!
Sneha ~ You know this note is seriously has less sapce to describe what you mean... but sapce that u share is deep and unmeasured !!! Thanks for the wonderful gift :) Miss on the GOSSIPS :P
Sukeerthi ~ :) You are just the perfect …

Sara !

       In the year 2011, the month of May when the calendar bloomed to 25  and when the clock creep-ed it needles at 11.55pm and the day drawing to end was welcomed with the fragrance of a small cute baby, pink colored skin, black thick hairs, the black shiny eyes, my four fingers would equal her size of hand, her toothless smile would make anyone smile even if they were crying or they were in the worst moods. I could only see her the following morning, and of course now my sister apart from being a team leader had become a mother. My parents have now become Nana- Nani and of course I have entered the stage of being an AUNT along with my second elder sister. Now there is someone younger to me born. I am no more the youngest at my home. I am not sad for that but I am happy that my wait had ended to hold her in my arms leaving my Kalpakkam IPT. Well the first click when I captured her smile in my 1.3 MP phone camera
Months passed by and there had been instances when my dresses were made …

Results are out and its weird that I don't care !

16th May, 2013 final semester results are declared and I am getting to know that just 4 hours before the declaration which was once upon a time "THE RESULT DAY."     Even when they were out I had forgotten to check. My excitement and curiosity to type not only my roll number but also a list of roll numbers had diminished. The enthusiasm had lost. But why did this happen all of a suuden and I am still trying to figure out.    Is it the complete faith that I had on my Department who would pass me and the list which I usually check on? Well let me correct not a blind faith but the faith that they would definitely consider our hard work and bid farewell in an appreciating manner. :)    May be I will not be seeing it anymore as I am done. Is it the feeling of joy or sorrow, I don't know? But finally, I checked my results at my office though the day's darg was complete; I had stayed late to quench my thirst to witness the "DEMO" of an application with my te…

When Strangers Meet..

K Hari Kumar , the author of , "When Strangers Meet.." has done a fair justice and has been successful in making me so comfortable and of course filling my mind with eagerness to know what is going to be next in the journey of 3 strangers,
    Apart from what happens when strangers meet, the story has an extra-ordinary and worth mentioning element of dad-son relationship. The kind of bond that a father and son share in every strangers' category is different. One side you have Hussain, an ardent believer of Allah irrespective of his bad financial status and his son Arshad who loves to do what his father instructs him and is ready to follow his steps. In contrast to them is the young boy Jai who chooses to go against his father's dream to chase his dream but what happens; where does their life take a twist when the third stranger Iyer from Madras meets them.
   Hari in his book had also concentrated well on describing the emotions and feelings that come out when the yo…

Internship Hunt ends !

I had been a frequent visitor of the Placement Cell of my college in my final year and this was the third time I was going for an interview.  With people surrounded by me... not that great interest and seriousness with Internship Offer...becuase few wanted to enjoy the final year or few were not interested.. came just like that instead of sitting idle in hostel :( ....and for various other reasons... I had no clue what to do.. as I had been sitting there hoping to get at least this offer of internship as I wanted my journey of internship hunt to end which had been very bad... and of course I wanted the process to get over soon as I had to visit my sister back who had been hospitalized !!!  But with personal experience .... It is truly said that " You are destination is not always you decide but sometimes your luck and fate decides ! "  Group Discussion Topic - "Should Social Networking Websites be allowed at work place?" Its been one of the very interesting topics :)…

Memories ~ Juniors'13

" I just said okay... Why is this junior trying to hype out for no reason and create an issue?! " But eventually things were the hype which communicators had created was removed out and resulted in a strong bond with you Deepiga as days passed !!! :) 
"Is that perfect ??? I am just little nervous".... who would say before she sings... My super senior's and senior's school junior and now my junior.. Sandhya !!! 
College Days had been really great with you gals ranging from Department Step Talks... Fblock Canteen Treats... and endless talking on various topics... time spent at my homes... guide choosing talks... :) ;) !!!

"Don't call me akka pleaseeeee !!! "  ~ I am still young .. I would say !!! ;)

"Please can you do this " and the next moment I would get to see the cutest nods of positive acknowledgements... Kanimozhi and Mareena would carry... No doubt I am happy to give you the tagline of the most Obedient Juniors of al…