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Evening with a Retired Deputy Collector

Tired… but I still managed to run and jump a distance of less than a meter and of course the result was I successfully grabbed a seat next to a granny. Untangling my headphones with one hand and holding my phone on the other with ears listening to my mom's list of fruits to be bought on the way back home.
         Disconnecting the call, my phone's OS was now trying to play my favorite playlist of mild songs and again my hand were busy searching for sufficient cash.Few minutes of disturbances and then I managed to keep things back and finally my hands were resting.
         At that moment, I heard a feeble voice enquiring in the local language... "Have you kept the moneypurse back in your bag?"
        Scared for a second, looking at the black specs that covered her eyes.., I searched everywhere out and
then looked in and said.. "Yes. why what happened?"
"No... u were searching something for a long time!"
"So, What happened t…