Evening with a Retired Deputy Collector

         Tired… but I still managed to run and jump a distance of less than a meter and of course the result was I successfully grabbed a seat next to a granny. Untangling my headphones with one hand and holding my phone on the other with ears listening to my mom's list of fruits to be bought on the way back home.
         Disconnecting the call, my phone's OS was now trying to play my favorite playlist of mild songs and again my hand were busy searching for sufficient cash.Few minutes of disturbances and then I managed to keep things back and finally my hands were resting.
         At that moment, I heard a feeble voice enquiring in the local language... "Have you kept the moneypurse back in your bag?"
        Scared for a second, looking at the black specs that covered her eyes.., I searched everywhere out and
then looked in and said.. "Yes. why what happened?"
"No... u were searching something for a long time ..so..!"
"So, What happened to your eyes...? ",was the 0nly question I asked her back and in reply i got a mixture of talk themes.
     "I got a cataract eye operation. I had doc's appointment today. By the way you know I was a DEPUTY COLLECTOR and started working in 1960s with VONLY 90/- and now I am retired and I get a pension of 25k/- . I have 2 sons and 2 daughter who are in the field of education and health care. Today Education can get you anything in this world..."
        "She has 2 sons who were well settled and she was travelling by bus???", a thought which was popping and popping.......... and there comes her next set of replies without questioning
                 "My sons with their own families have gone to a small trip and they told me not to travel by bus... But if something happens to my eyes ; I or my entire family will blame the doctor whether I visit him on the specified date for check up or not.This is totally unfair." I could only see the amount of obedience and respect she had for her doctor.

But she could have even taken a call taxi or an auto is what I still felt.
Finally the conversation ended up when I got down and she introduced me to her son's mother-in-law who had come all the way to accompany her to the DOC...!!!
      May be she has seen the hard times and valued every penny and thats why even today she values it and tries to see for the most economic alternative with comfort and not luxury.MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED !

There were 2 more statements said by her ... to me ... before I waved her a bye... The day they come true .. may be I will reveal them .... For now thanks to the DEPUTY COLLECTOR GRANNY... to help me write on a bus journey after a long time


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