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The Orange Peel !

When I think about the incident on orange peel... I am sure it took place a decade ago. Eating the most delicious lunch that my mom prepared was a routine but after lunch the incident that took place because of the orange peel was not the routine.
     It was lunch time and just few of  us had stayed back in the class to eat. After the lunch and a small walk outside the classroom that followed; I returned back. I was shocked to see that my place was dirty, I could see pieces of orange peel shattered below my desk.
    I was sure that it was surely an act done by the boy who had been arguing and irritating me for the past one week. With a commanding voice, I told him to take away the peel and throw it in the dustbin. But he was adamant and defended himself saying that he didn't throw.
   With 3 warnings and statements like don't check my patience; I raised my hand to hit the humpty dumpty boy of my 7th grade class. No doubt, I failed to slap completely with  partial hit…