The Orange Peel !

        When I think about the incident on orange peel... I am sure it took place a decade ago. Eating the most delicious lunch that my mom prepared was a routine but after lunch the incident that took place because of the orange peel was not the routine.
     It was lunch time and just few of  us had stayed back in the class to eat. After the lunch and a small walk outside the classroom that followed; I returned back. I was shocked to see that my place was dirty, I could see pieces of orange peel shattered below my desk.
    I was sure that it was surely an act done by the boy who had been arguing and irritating me for the past one week. With a commanding voice, I told him to take away the peel and throw it in the dustbin. But he was adamant and defended himself saying that he didn't throw.
   With 3 warnings and statements like don't check my patience; I raised my hand to hit the humpty dumpty boy of my 7th grade class. No doubt, I failed to slap completely with  partial hitting on his face covered by his hand and in return got a punch which had very less pain on my stomach but my tears were intense seen by few spectators none other than my classmates.
   As my tears started coming down and the ringing sound of the bell indicated the beginning of afternoon session. My class teacher and whose pet I was ( will be forever)  had returned back to take attendance and my friend who sat next to me in the last row had announced so loudly with my name in the class that I was crying took me to the center of attraction.
  Believe me I had to tell the entire story back to her with tears in my eyes and she wanted an immediate action on the boy and told me to go to the principal's room and get him TC. The boy with initial arguments and complaining that I started the fight and hitting him; how would someone expect him to be silently sit and get hit. I didn't want this to be so serious and wanted him only to pick up the peel which he had thrown and I was successful in that after teacher returned and so I requested her to give him a warning and get a promise that he would never beat a girl and not irritate her.
  After apologizing to mam and of course me (with no real sorry) and a few days of anger we became friends and we are still friends and will always be. But did he really throw remained a mystery because he never accepted on it even today :P .
   The boy in the incident is the one with whom I studied in the same school for 14 years.Though he has been a great academic competitor to me at the same time he had been a good friend and brother indeed. This would have been the only silly fight I would have ever had apart from the endless arguments, discussions  on various general topics and teasing. Few days back you dropped in home and trust me after u left the incident of orange peel stuck me.... Dedicated to u maggie :) as all of us call u !!! Congrats on u r recent success of job and CAT score !!! :)

Cheers to our friendship !!!


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