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Internship Hunt ends !

I had been a frequent visitor of the Placement Cell of my college in my final year and this was the third time I was going for an interview.  With people surrounded by me... not that great interest and seriousness with Internship Offer...becuase few wanted to enjoy the final year or few were not interested.. came just like that instead of sitting idle in hostel :( ....and for various other reasons... I had no clue what to do.. as I had been sitting there hoping to get at least this offer of internship as I wanted my journey of internship hunt to end which had been very bad... and of course I wanted the process to get over soon as I had to visit my sister back who had been hospitalized !!!  But with personal experience .... It is truly said that " You are destination is not always you decide but sometimes your luck and fate decides ! "  Group Discussion Topic - "Should Social Networking Websites be allowed at work place?" Its been one of the very interesting topics :)…

Memories ~ Juniors'13

" I just said okay... Why is this junior trying to hype out for no reason and create an issue?! " But eventually things were the hype which communicators had created was removed out and resulted in a strong bond with you Deepiga as days passed !!! :) 
"Is that perfect ??? I am just little nervous".... who would say before she sings... My super senior's and senior's school junior and now my junior.. Sandhya !!! 
College Days had been really great with you gals ranging from Department Step Talks... Fblock Canteen Treats... and endless talking on various topics... time spent at my homes... guide choosing talks... :) ;) !!!

"Don't call me akka pleaseeeee !!! "  ~ I am still young .. I would say !!! ;)

"Please can you do this " and the next moment I would get to see the cutest nods of positive acknowledgements... Kanimozhi and Mareena would carry... No doubt I am happy to give you the tagline of the most Obedient Juniors of al…