Internship Hunt ends !

I had been a frequent visitor of the Placement Cell of my college in my final year and this was the third time I was going for an interview. 
With people surrounded by me... not that great interest and seriousness with Internship Offer...becuase few wanted to enjoy the final year or few were not interested.. came just like that instead of sitting idle in hostel :( ....and for various other reasons... I had no clue what to do.. as I had been sitting there hoping to get at least this offer of internship as I wanted my journey of internship hunt to end which had been very bad... and of course I wanted the process to get over soon as I had to visit my sister back who had been hospitalized !!! 
But with personal experience .... It is truly said that " You are destination is not always you decide but sometimes your luck and fate decides ! " 
Group Discussion Topic - "Should Social Networking Websites be allowed at work place?" Its been one of the very interesting topics :) and I was pretty happy with the way I spoke .. especially when I argued on considering "linkedin" also to be a social networking website apart from professional networking website... and later I realized that the one with whom I argued was Senior to me by a year....
After an hour ... the results comprising of the short listed students were announced and the next round was at their office which I had to attend !

At, Technical Interview - as I entered , I greeted him with handshake and he immediately got surprised and asked me - "How are u doing?"
"I am fine. Thank you Sir" Before I could ask about him

His next question was - " Are you a student of Art of Living ???"
"No, Sir". Still surprised with my first question !
And then followed general questions during the recruitment process like... tell me something about yourself, technical strengths, personal strengths, self - rating in programming and logical reasoning. long term goal. asking to write a simple program by testing my analytic and logical skill's rating.

HR round was the most easy and interesting round. I didn't even miss one opportunity in speaking about my mom , my dad and my school computer mam while answering the generic questions ... challenges faced??? driving force that keeps u motivating?? why u didn't take cse??? why I want to join their company ??? how long will u take to read a new programming language???.. Answering all them.. It ended with " Nice talking to you ...!!!"
I was selected :) 

I wanted an internship @ RRI but I couldn't !! May be it happened for a Reason... !!! "GOOD REASON" :) Before I finish my internship and take a leave, I am sure I will definitely get an answer for "why was this asked - Are you a student of art of living??" !!! and yes the journey had been great since 10th December .. till now... with just a month left out ... :)


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