Memories ~ Juniors'13

" I just said okay... Why is this junior trying to hype out for no reason and create an issue?! " But eventually things were the hype which communicators had created was removed out and resulted in a strong bond with you Deepiga as days passed !!! :) 
"Is that perfect ??? I am just little nervous".... who would say before she sings... My super senior's and senior's school junior and now my junior.. Sandhya !!! 
College Days had been really great with you gals ranging from Department Step Talks... Fblock Canteen Treats... and endless talking on various topics... time spent at my homes... guide choosing talks... :) ;) !!!

"Don't call me akka pleaseeeee !!! "  ~ I am still young .. I would say !!! ;)

"Please can you do this " and the next moment I would get to see the cutest nods of positive acknowledgements... Kanimozhi and Mareena would carry... No doubt I am happy to give you the tagline of the most Obedient Juniors of all time with add on of creativity ... :) !!! Kani... I still remember your tasty b'day chocolates :and talks we have had while bus travelling 

I will definitely miss the most adorable and sweetest junior I have ever had.... Panimalar  For the BIG DIARYMILK you treated me with when I got placed....with the supplement chocostick and ofcourse affectionate Xoxoxo   !!! The Bday Talk at IM :) The Bday Gift !!! :) Teasings... and so much !!! :)

Naveen had been there to get update on every academic topic :) !!! Do I remember the first intro with the Impulse Talk in UG Lab or the last one at farewell !!!  And its just not academics... but you had been very quite open minded with his views on everything... Naveen... i will miss for all the good moments and help that I had got for Imprintz :) ~ the dept. magazine and all the dept. extra curricular activities  !!! Guruprasad... jovial guy.. for all your stories.. and now has been very busy for no click availability !!! ;)  Archana, Aruna, Nivedha, Lakshmi Priya... Saranya :) !!! uday, vignesh   and all others have been always nice... !!!  

Thanks Lalithai for dropping me back home and of course we gotta know late that my dad and your dad knew each other very well !!! late better than never  !!! I got to converse with u later... quite late... but the short time... i have had too much of fun and laughed alot. tutor lover gal .... lalithaiiii  !!!

Thanks for the nice farewell and definitely .. I am going to miss you all big time :) Glad to have you all :) Wish you all the Very Best ahead !!! and have a Bright Future ahead :) !!! 


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