Graduation Journey !

The chapter gets an end today after 4 long years :) ! Well it seemed long when it started and now it just seems... "JUST" !

Had the best of times with so many people ! The joureny from F Block , A Block, K Block ~ The best ;) , I Block... had been really great !!!

Do I have to think about the "mass bunk of maths class in the few early weeks ;) " or the Bday Treats... which had the elements of romance and ball dance among guys... :) :P !!! I know Pranesh , Chollin Selvan ;) I am missing on one :P

For all the IV fun ;) or may be the Batch Day celebrations... !!!

For all the get together time at my home especially the last one... ranging from emotional talks till the current pass games .. shaaabbboootttriiii  .... :) I am trerasuting them !!!

Sneha ~ You know this note is seriously has less sapce to describe what you mean... but sapce that u share is deep and unmeasured !!! Thanks for the wonderful gift :) Miss on the GOSSIPS :P

Sukeerthi ~ :) You are just the perfect person who will wait patiently for me :P and just been ever ever suppportive !!!!

Mythu ~ NSS !!! Project !!! hangouts.... silly arguments...the comfortable KALPAKKAM STAY @ your house has been the best :) IPT, Beach :)  Woooowww :) 

Life @ Lab in 4 years ~ Cintha, Bawya, Chembi ~ Best batchmates :) Deepak.. great friend.... Chollin Selvan - Physics Lab first year... I burnt the wire and cloth and almost u saved me :) Balaji -  the target of being teased the most and the VERY FRAUD FRIEND !!!

Pavithras' of class ;) Poorni ~ our games and the certificates...:P  vino ~ sweetness ! niranjana, revathi , arthi, jayanthi, narmada ~hindi companion .. lalitha, sonica , have been really good friends !!!

There has been one group which I will treasure and MISS the most !!!
The 4 Vishnus' , Naren, Mohan.... :) GREAT TIME spent with you all....  making my college life picture a complete one !!! :) :D
Catboy :P Sollave vendam... will leave his guide's discussion and will get a projector for his best friend :) Always been to cheer me up and console me :) !!!

Bruder :D we have fought crazy like silly like but we share an unbreakable bond :P

Naren ... for the teasing... the bullet ride (bad situation helping me in when i was no walking :P ) great
friend along with Mohan... CD :) ~ Coolest rep...!! Patient listener to all my polambifications ;) in K Block  or... "Thagapppaaaa"... the way u call :) !!! 

The dayschi group... ;) I will treasure you all the MOST !!! :) Without a word u were just there always and of course made a hangout at veg place just for me :) !!!!

Jose mam's wedding ! Her farewell gift preparation !!! How The only gal accompanied the most outstanding students during PED class :) !!! Well Saravanan u have been one of the most awesome person and it had been really great working with you as a REP :) NCC salute.... the bus travel to my home and fresherssss.... :P I know it brings alot of memories ;)

Ponni :/ y this kolaveri of introducing me this way :/ !!! Journey from chennai to cbe... ;) @ my home... !!! had good time !!!

Gideon ~ Congrats man :) !!! Senthil ~ u r sense of humour !!! Pranesh ~ IIT Lab batchmate says it all :) Aravind, Saran, Karthik, Ganapthy, Dinesh, Irfan, Satya, Ganesh, you have all been real good friends  apart from everyone else in the class... :) !!!

Well this is just not with Immaculates... :) Apart from them.... My bus companions Anusha.... Divya MSc ;) with u First year bus journeys.. help in decision making during my internship offer :P .... Chit chats :P U were missed today Suvetha and Sri :) Our liunch time !!! Rain play in early years... !!! Treat for no reasons but only silly reasons !!!
Swathi ~ Remeber !!!! How I met you ??? How we became friends ;) ??? :D
Darshan ~ Production ke bachey ! :P Best buddy u have been ;) !!! 

Thanks to everyone and also to ppl if I missed on :) !!!
Thanks to mom, dad, baba, sisters.... for being always there !!!
It seems so random !!! and my language of thoughts seems in a zig zag way !!! But its over !!!
Late night with moist eyes I just type... !!!
Oh yeah I am a graduate and now a new chapter awaits...!!! But before that this chapter is just engraved with so many memories in my mind , heart , brain !!! :) 


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