Results are out and its weird that I don't care !

     16th May, 2013 final semester results are declared and I am getting to know that just 4 hours before the declaration which was once upon a time "THE RESULT DAY."
    Even when they were out I had forgotten to check. My excitement and curiosity to type not only my roll number but also a list of roll numbers had diminished. The enthusiasm had lost. But why did this happen all of a suuden and I am still trying to figure out.
   Is it the complete faith that I had on my Department who would pass me and the list which I usually check on? Well let me correct not a blind faith but the faith that they would definitely consider our hard work and bid farewell in an appreciating manner. :)
   May be I will not be seeing it anymore as I am done. Is it the feeling of joy or sorrow, I don't know?
But finally, I checked my results at my office though the day's darg was complete; I had stayed late to quench my thirst to witness the "DEMO" of an application with my team presenting to a foreign client. No doubt I had passed but this time it was Microsoft Lync's ping from my intern friend giving a reminder that results were published and there was no SMS or call reminder this time even from my best friends and I was into deep thinking if they had same thoughts as I had.
   Life has gradually changed. First time, I had been checking my results at work place and not from home or college. I cared more for the Demo which was scheduled at 730 pm. I typed my roll number for a formality in the link  just saw my grades and adjacent to it were letters in blue "PASS".
  Rushed to the conference room for the Demo scheduled but my email had some important information required. I came back to my place; opened the email and a sudden ping "Still at office? Isn't it late?", from my project manager who had recently shifted to US. Her waking up time is my leaving time and her interaction with the team at India would be the time I would be mostly at home. I did took time to reply back to her but only the next day as I had rolled back to to the conference room for the Demo as a spectator(and a team member too).
   I had learnt a lot from the Demo that was being presented by the Senior team members which was well prepared but when it came to execution there were very small things which when not taken care of had resulted in a re schedule. Like a simple step by step execution how one does the lab experiment or explains a simple concept implementation to give a better understanding and impress the observers and listeners was definitely missing. But, again the feeling of my college results had struck late before which I was reminded of the assignment presentations, Project Demos and friends...!!! It ended with a remark from one of the team member "A well known answer was scribbled badly that couldn't be understood." And of course a positive note "Will do it so well that they will be out of questions next time !" gave a period to the session.  Running from my place, accelerating at taking steps and the pathway to meet my dad who had been waiting to pick me up for the past thirty minutes. 
    Oh ! yeah  Results are out and I don't care ! But I am going to carry all that experience and memories which will definitely matter for my future results to end in a positive and out standing note ! 


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