Sara !

       In the year 2011, the month of May when the calendar bloomed to 25  and when the clock creep-ed it needles at 11.55pm and the day drawing to end was welcomed with the fragrance of a small cute baby, pink colored skin, black thick hairs, the black shiny eyes, my four fingers would equal her size of hand, her toothless smile would make anyone smile even if they were crying or they were in the worst moods. I could only see her the following morning, and of course now my sister apart from being a team leader had become a mother. My parents have now become Nana- Nani and of course I have entered the stage of being an AUNT along with my second elder sister. Now there is someone younger to me born. I am no more the youngest at my home. I am not sad for that but I am happy that my wait had ended to hold her in my arms leaving my Kalpakkam IPT. Well the first click when I captured her smile in my 1.3 MP phone camera
Months passed by and there had been instances when my dresses were made dirty by her and I had been the target for her love hits on my face with her soft hands to symbolize her love, affection and excitement on my appearance. I wanted time to flee because I wanted to call her "MAA-SI" soon....I wanted her to talk with me... I wanted to listen to her every demand and get it fulfilled... I still remember the first time she walked on her own ... and then we had the walking practice   sessions. In few months she had gone crazy for "Kolaveri, chammak chalo, Chikni chameli" and would keep her feets tapping... ! 
Her first birthday had come 25/05/2012... I had gone for a course and I missed it big time staying with the Chennai's heat !!!
   And the day I came back home... I remember her tight hug .. her head lying on my chest which are not ready to raise nor did her hug has come to an end for minutes...And of course at the end of one year, she had started  walking and calling MAA but not maasi.... And she had started taking little accelerating steps...  To make her eat was a challenge in itself. On seeing the insects, "PO ! PO ! PO !" a shout in the sweetest humblest way...I could keep writing every moment spent and the fragrance of happiness she had spread across...  My NIECE.. apart from being very possessive can never tolerate her aunt (ME) shedding a tear... !!! I still remember that day when she left her favorite food MAGGIE to make me stop crying. As I usually cried for the most silliest fight with my sister; she left her maggie bowl came close to me wiped my tears and cried along with me ! The deepness of bond that I share with her, even the words above will fail to measure  the never ending love !!! Nobody apart from my Niece can call me " CHA  CHA  .. aaja" Well that's a ©  and I Love that!!!


Wishing MY NIECE ~DARLING OF MY FAMILY ~SARA      a HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY !!! LONG LIFE with HAPPINESS all around. " Oh yeah :) I know you love Kung fu Panda !!! Loads of Love   !!! God Bless you my dear !!! "


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