When Strangers Meet..

K Hari Kumar , the author of , "When Strangers Meet.." has done a fair justice and has been successful in making me so comfortable and of course filling my mind with eagerness to know what is going to be next in the journey of 3 strangers,
    Apart from what happens when strangers meet, the story has an extra-ordinary and worth mentioning element of dad-son relationship. The kind of bond that a father and son share in every strangers' category is different. One side you have Hussain, an ardent believer of Allah irrespective of his bad financial status and his son Arshad who loves to do what his father instructs him and is ready to follow his steps. In contrast to them is the young boy Jai who chooses to go against his father's dream to chase his dream but what happens; where does their life take a twist when the third stranger Iyer from Madras meets them.
   Hari in his book had also concentrated well on describing the emotions and feelings that come out when the young Iyer meets his love, break up feelings, life moving on, Mom's protection for a son, the affection that brothers share and the list goes on. Especially that magical love moment when Padma reveals about how she had actually started dreaming about Iyer which turns out to be embarrassing for Iyer. An iota but a significant amount of not only South Indian flavour, culture and the orthodox belief but also people's love and Mathematics has also been touched by the author.
   Simple words have been penned down in the book delivering an effective message on importance of dad, family,  love, fulfilling one's dream but at what cost and the effect of strangers.

One of the best and my favourite lines in the book -
"Laugh to your way through everything, everyday. It is funny but at the end of the day, we are all dirt in the sand. What is the point in wiping off the dirt, when you know you will be covered again soon?"

Well, in short its true that one's relationship, friends and people around them decide and influence their life but "When Strangers meet...", you may wonder and even get influenced by them resulting in a positive impact on your life. :) !!! Read it and you may fall in love as I did :)

About the Author & Book
K Hari Kumar is working as an Assistant Director in the Indian film industry. He has written, acted and directed four independent projects that have been screened in various film festivals. 
He's also an international award nominated Photographer.

  • Rating : 5 / 5 
  • Title : When Strangers Meet..  
  • Pages: 216      Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors Published: May 2013   Language: English  ISBN:9789380349930  Category: Fiction


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