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Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai

We have heard the Hollywood superheroes BAT MAN, SUPER MAN, SPIDER MAN but do superheroes emerge from the metal tracks ~ the RAIL MAN? Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai, written by Rishi Vohra , turns out to be an interesting read.       Balwant Srivastav (aka Babloo) suffering from psychiatric problems, had neither received love  nor attention from his family. The author's description about how Babloo received ignorance, his difficulty to grasp and process the fast words in his brain is bound to create a soft corner in the reader's heart. But Babloo had his own dreams or thoughts which neither his parents were giving ears nor his average looking brother Raghu would.      Vandana, one of the main characters can charm anyone not only with her beauty but also be a temporary favourite character at few instances.The author has practically penned down on her modern thoughts and her situation/problem handling mechanism when she finds herself in trouble which are mainly due to the bad e…

IQR Challenge !

I have signed up for IQR Challenge !!! :)
Target is 12