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Friendships Day !!!

There were times when I have heard...... a decade back....
Friendship - the unbreakable ship in the world or the biggest ship in the world  which were actually termed as "Riddles" back in my school days !

     While studying  in primary and during those school days, Birthday was the day when i would have the most of the friends surrounded just because of "CHOCOLATES"... which were valuable to our taste buds !!! But with time I also heard... the most valuable gift is Friendship !

     I even learnt the quality of POSSESSIVENESS on friends... and the fact is I still miss Bhavana on whom my first possessive feeling came.... She studied with me during the 4th grade just for a year and still I cherish those chocolate wrappers, her beautiful drawings still safe in my shelf...!!! Just studied for a year and she left !!! Even the virtual world seems futile in my search attempts on FB which have gone vague... No doubt no one can ever match her in being the healthy competitor a…