Friendships Day !!!

There were times when I have heard...... a decade back....
     Friendship - the unbreakable ship in the world or the biggest ship in the world  which were actually termed as "Riddles" back in my school days !

     While studying  in primary and during those school days, Birthday was the day when i would have the most of the friends surrounded just because of "CHOCOLATES"... which were valuable to our taste buds !!! But with time I also heard... the most valuable gift is Friendship !

     I even learnt the quality of POSSESSIVENESS on friends... and the fact is I still miss Bhavana on whom my first possessive feeling came.... She studied with me during the 4th grade just for a year and still I cherish those chocolate wrappers, her beautiful drawings still safe in my shelf...!!! Just studied for a year and she left !!! Even the virtual world seems futile in my search attempts on FB which have gone vague... No doubt no one can ever match her in being the healthy competitor and for the words which would console my possessiveness.... when she would say
  "Charu my heart is divided into 4 parts... one my family stays... second my relatives stay... in third ONLY YOU stay and the fourth is for the other friends on this earth" only to bring a smile back on my face when my possessiveness carrying hormones would increase the set point limit !!!
   I have no clue where she is but I still miss her the most :) and wherever she is I would always hope and pray she is in the best and healthy conditions :) !!! Hope I meet her some day !!!
     As time went on ... I also cherished the relationship of the friendship with sitting in circle sharing and passing the lunch boxes... playing just not only the indoor and outdoor games but also teasing and virtual games of kings, queens and doctors !!! The colorful bands being tied on the first Monday of August month and then counting the maximum number of bands and then giving the special expensive bands only to your best friends in a lonely place... Crazy moments !!!
Now gone are those days when i was in primary when I would count the number of bands so that i don't miss any one next day in the school to tie  ! 

     Suvetha who is my childhood friend since KG till 10th in same school , neighbors for 5+ years and then different departments but same college had defined friendship which involved fight, tears and of course the essentials of love and affection...

As I grew, I even understood that friendship in not an unbreakable ship... Just with the tag of friendship there are people who are ready to dump you once their work is done... and yes friendship got redefined in my life and it got narrowed down to "Collection of Selected hearts who stay with you no matter what and how you are but they are who just keep their words till the end and stay with you forever !!!"

Leaving school entering the next stage into College is where the maturity to identify people increased and the bond's depth with Friendship involved just gets increased...!!! But none can replace either of the space of college and school friends !!! Different colleges.. friends getting dispersed and even a forward or a Hi from them brings the broad smile :) !!!

Friendship had never been restricted to peers... Dad and mom were the best friends in my teenage understanding me so well ...Sisters to accompany and support me always... My uncle even in his 60s had taken me out to celebrate Friendships Day :) !!! My school teachers who text me even today and wish me on every occasion have a unique place of being the treasured Friends !!!

The wonderful supercool juniors at school Abhi, Nagajothi, Fazila, Nitesh and the college juniors Panimalar, Sanjana , Sandhya, Deepiga, Kani,  Naveen, Guru ... have definitely been all through the hard and good times doing justice to Friendship in their own way of expressing unexpected huge amount of care and affection!!!
Here goes my special wishes to ... !!!

Life is getting busy !!! Mechanical life is the practical bitter truth of the day !!! Time fleets !!! After few years down the lane when you look back... may be the graph would indicate an exponentially decreasing curve on the time spent with friends !!!
For all who still love the smile that spread on your face because of your friends...Take a Break.... prioritize spending time for them... or with them... once in a while  if not always... !!! (Kya paata kal hum rahe yaa naa rahe ~ who knows if we will exist tomorrow or not) . For they are really precious to increase the happiness reduce the sorrow and make the ambiance set  according to your comfort zone !!!

    Ankitt, Darshan, Vipul, Mahesh, Hetal, Neeraja, Mukundan, Swetha, Niveditha, Hansraj, Simpal, Pavithra, Mukul, Prashanth, Vidya, Anusha Venkatesan, Shabari , Bhuvi ... :)  !!! :P best school memories and the never ending school friendship bond we share !!! Cheers :) !!!

     Sukeerthi, Sneha , Mytili, Vishnu Ram, Vishnu Srinivasan, Vishnu Ram R, Vishnu CD, Narendra Prabhu, Mohan Babu, Poornima, Chollin, Balaji, Bawya, Pavithra, Chembi, Sarvanan, Deepak, Divya ... you have all been very special and have had the best times which I can cherish forever during my college days !!! :)

And a special special wish to my corporate colleagues and besties Shanmathi and Siva Shankari :) :* !!!!

       Its hard to remember the first friend I made but I remember every friend that I made AND the moments spent together  !!! Here goes HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY wishes to everyone who has been there around and no doubt
Love you all... Let the bond  of our Friendship cherish forever !!!


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