Best Sisters :)

                   I don't know where do I start writing when I see the word "SISTERS" .... I miss them the most now :(....
        Studying in the same school :) Riding on Dad's Rajdoot bike to school with my seat on the fuel filling position :) Handling me, my emotional atyachaar, the over sensitive nature which always flows in excess.... Chocolates sharing... Running away on seeing the cockroaches... the FIGHTS ;) and above all the CARE and AFFECTION on each other.

        The calmness and politeness you carry Swaati Di :) and the voice similarity ... you will inspire me always !!! Hiding my faults, protecting me always and making me BOLD... Rashmi di you get the most credit for the last quality of mine :) Your over protectiveness nature towards me is the most admirable quality and I always look up to you. Both of you were there to listen to all my nonsense tension on the smallest things on the earth !!!
       One is Married, working and has turned into a mother too...!!!  And the next one is stepping into her CAREER tomorrow :) Wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST Rashmi Di :)

My First Friends 
My Best Friends 
My True Friends
My Sisters !!!
For all the care and the love
You shower on me
They seem to be Unmeasurable 
For all the fights
Worse than CATS and RATS
Followed by the sweetest consoling words
With Notorious smiles 
Parents Daughters 
YOU 2 SISTERS are the best :) !!!

I am missing and will miss you both as there is no one to tease me around or give me the feedback on my dressing style and hair style everyday !!! ABOVE ALL Rashmi's Brownies... !!!! I am missing them !!!!


Keep Rocking :) !!!
May you TASTE SUCCESS always in every path you cross in your life :) !!!


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