Birthday Celeb Part #1 ~ @ Work Place

 25th September, 2013, the day which I never expected would turn out to be so wonderful :)

           Thanks to +rashmi jain  for the brownies... staying wake late and preparing four of them at a stretch !!!

Listening to the most beautiful voice singing CUPPY CAKE in the most sweetest way ~ Sha... Shanmathi !!!
Early morning, friend  ~ Karthik calls and informs

" Please take the breakfast and keep. I will be late.. Vera onnum llai la? "  I say nothing and agree to the favour he had requested and the call ends with the smile on both sides.

Wishes from everyone and then the Surprise#1 ... 
Not allowing me to check my mails and telling me to walk along with them and my eyes witness...
the cubicle beautifully decorated with Happy Birthday Sticker stuck, colourful ballons here and there...

Karthik asks again..."Saw the poster?", before Lakshmi could paste it . This was my Surprise #2 given with prior information :) :P :D !!!
A beautiful POSTER with a caption... which I can never even think of !!!

Surprise#3 planned at evening for a CAKE Cutting was informed well in the afternoon by Abhay...
But before I could cut the cake, the hype and the story portrayed by Shabari and Emaya... is really appreciable !!! and  then there laid another Surprise of  Cake bath and the Autograph Book... with Bday wishes from the entire batch of freshers :)

SPECIAL Thanks to Shanmathi :) (Shaaaa) for making it so special :) Your note was really touching and the Song   ....  Missing out your task... Planning... Organizing it... Awwww...  I love you ... :) Lakshmi for making it the DAY and wonderful note :) Abhay... for u r blessings at night... Karthik... for blowing the balloons :) ;) Emaya , Akshay , Arif, Santhosh, Prem... Thank you guys :)
Nivi... you forgot my bday but compensated it well ;)

Thanks for the gift ... Thanks for just making a memorable birthday :) Thanks to all of them for writing down the wishes :)


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