Birthday Celeb Part#2 @ Home :)

As I climb up the stairs, balloons are bursted by my sister +Swaati Jain , giving me the VIP welcome and making me feel more special. The most adorable niece on the earth holds your hand and guides you inside home.

Before I could complete decsribing the happenings at office, I see my school friend Suvetha and Bruder ~ +vishnu ram :) After a while, Shanmathi , @suk and Shiva Shankari enter and my eyes are filled with tears !!! :) Thanks Suk and Siva for the beautiful gift :)

And then my best friend +Vsvishnu Ram ... gives the surprise by enquiring whether I am at home. ;)

The most Treasured gift :) ~ Coffee Mug with Birthday wish and photo :)


Thanks to +rashmi jain  :) for planning and organizing ;) Dad, Mom for the wonderful dinner and cake :)


Thanks to Baba for the GIFT VOUCHER ;)
Thanks +Sneha Sridhar  for wishing at USA time ;)
Wishes from Cousins.. Brothers :) just making the day special and memorable !!!


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