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The Transition for another Routine !!! :)

I graduated in May 2013; seems just like yesterday but now in a month my juniors are getting graduated !!!
Few years back my life revolved with my hands busy scripting college assignments, answers in examinations, ears listening to music and I definitely had the leisure time spent in a quality manner with friends and family around sharing the joy and sorrow. Life had more of fun with less responsibilities then. SMS beeps were something that interrupted the routine; discussing which hour to bunk, Batch day celebrations, outings, weekend plans and of course the latest gossips  !!! Now I am witnessing an exponentially decreasing curve in the carefree days and an exponentially increasing curve in the amount of responsibilities lying on my shoulders as I am getting older and older:( .

A transition in my life for the purpose of good has entered my life. I welcomed the transition with emails, task updates, follow ups and a whole new atmosphere of the work life at corporate world and the regula…