The Transition for another Routine !!! :)

I graduated in May 2013; seems just like yesterday but now in a month my juniors are getting graduated !!!
Few years back my life revolved with my hands busy scripting college assignments, answers in examinations, ears listening to music and I definitely had the leisure time spent in a quality manner with friends and family around sharing the joy and sorrow. Life had more of fun with less responsibilities then. SMS beeps were something that interrupted the routine; discussing which hour to bunk, Batch day celebrations, outings, weekend plans and of course the latest gossips  !!! Now I am witnessing an exponentially decreasing curve in the carefree days and an exponentially increasing curve in the amount of responsibilities lying on my shoulders as I am getting older and older:( .

A transition in my life for the purpose of good has entered my life. I welcomed the transition with emails, task updates, follow ups and a whole new atmosphere of the work life at corporate world and the regular meetings where my task progress is discussed just like the school progress report card. 

My frequency to check gmail from a day has gone down to week. Frequency of networking and checking FB, QUORA, Twitter seems like ages. But I can't afford to forget to check my Outlook at regular intervals.

My Sleep never had a disturbance in the past but now there are few sleepless nights when few things doesn't work. What makes it worse if the former happens on a Friday evening making a mumpish weekend. There is where I am learning not to carry your work to home and home to work. Emotional Stability is really needed though it is very tough to maintain. Dreaming about your friends and crushes have become a past and now dreams are swayed by task and work at workplace. They are quite rare like the exam fevers ! ;)

My entry and exit is still tracked. The only difference is I loved to have an “Absent” entry years back with lot of twists in it and now there is no room for that. I had nothing to lose if I bunked school or college which were always unplanned. Now even holidays have to be planned. 

There are lot of things in this transition period where I enjoyed the most like the joy of earning, having my own Business Card printed, Happiness in parents' eyes which are THE MOMENTS to be treasured forever. Decorating home with gifts from the gift vouchers won as an appreciation for work is a delight and of course making new friends and hope this phase will continue forever at every stage :) !!! 


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