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Shamsuddin's Grave - The Story of A Homeless

The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

    Poverty, illiteracy, illegal immigrants are the basic ingredients  on  which the story is set with the background of Miya Muslim and their struggle to survive in their own nation. Latika, Shamsuddin are the central characters of the story. Latika who aspires to change the society and after a set back in her personal life joins an NGO and her career path is definitely not a bed of roses. Meanwhile , the dark shades of Shamsuddin creates a tragedy for his own life at the personal front. A personal loss leads to a realisation and he leads a life with a hope of recovering all the personal losses.

   The author has used a simple language and is quite easy to understand but is lengthy at the same time. As such the story could have been made shorter. Supporting characters have done enough justice and are placed appropriately.

The title and the caption go in synchronisation with the story to some extent. The end…