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Story of Tubulu - An amazing Journey Called Life

The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

    Reacting during a tragedy, relationship bonding, kind-hearted people, gratefulness, love, emotions are few of the various attributes on which the story is set upon. 

    Bipin along with his son Tublu move to a faraway land in search of help when they lost everything during a natural calamity. Sharmas turn out to be their saviour resulting in a wonderful bond not only amongst the parents but also between their kids.

    The story seems to be plain, predictable and has been narrated in stages in the form of a Journey. The journey of life of a young boy to a manhood and the journey of a young girl to womanhood. The description of crush-feeling at school level, love and relationships at college level and then the maturity level is explained with the central characters Tublu and Mania. The supporting characters have been made fit appropriately in the story. 

     Misunderstanding, emotional stress and how dan…