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The President who inspired the nation !!!

Well the picture says it all !!!
The simple missile man with great vision had been and will always be a great inspiration in the years to come.
The title of his diverse and thought provoking books portraits his conceptual thoughts ; his love for technology, rocket science, work, way of living, and what not apart from the most important element "DREAM". 
Actions do speak louder than words; but in his case; his words were sufficient enough to do the magic of igniting minds.
His invaluable contribution towards the field of Science and Technology; in the field of Education, the highly inspirational thoughts and quotes and his writings will always be etched in every Indian's heart.
Even during the Post Presidency period he tirelessly worked to impart knowledge to brighten the future minds. In every phase of his life; his career he has lived only to serve selflessly. 
There is grief everywhere , yes we have lost People's President, we have lost the missile man, we have lost the …