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Scratched ~ Book Review

The book "Scratched" has been reviewed as a part of tour schedule of  Njkinny Tours & Promotions.

Thank you Marie for signing the book :) !!!

The first book "Scarred", in the series portrays the story of one of the three Anderson brothers Dominick. The second book namely Scratched is about Kevin and the next book Scorned is about Michael; yet to be released.
Scratched as the title of the book; reflects the the story too. The haunting past, struggling present, complicated relationships, love, emotions are few of the various sweet and spicy elements the story is built upon.
Kevin and Dom have had a shady childhood life and yet had overcome the struggles the life gifted them. Apart from finding happiness in making people's feet tap with his DJ; Kevin also finds happiness with Trinity around.
Kevin's passion for Basketball, becomes a driving force for him to finish his unfinished academics. He also gives another chance to his love life.But life has something else…