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Logically Stupid, That's Love

Logically Stupid That's Love will keep you on hold and the characters sketched are so real and practical that will not fail to get you immersed in the story.
Karthik,  young blood fresh from college who is ambitious has just completed his MBA and is about to take next step in his career.  Tapping on his ambitions vein  and motivating him with performance based package is his boss Mr.Ajit Khurana. No wonder , Karthik does his work beyond expectations. But what happens in his life when Sahana enters. Can the love win cover the logic ?
The supporting characters have justified their roles. Simple language, humor in the story are successful in relaxing your laughter muscles. The career journey of Karthik and Sahana, ups and downs of life are very beautifully portrayed. The love between brothers, notorious friend circle, pranks and plans are the other highlights which will ensure grasping reader's attention besides making them smile. The cover design is apt for the title.z