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Happy Father's Day

My Dear Papa, 
    When a child first enters this world, it is always seen that the bond is more between the mom and the child. But as days pass by it becomes the Father's Daughter and the Mom's Son. Fortunately in our case, we were the pets for both of them with you having an extra edge.
     For your footprints of honesty, hard-work, straightforwardness, kindness and love, our journey was embarked to follow them with ease. This helped us to glorify in our journey and the values you have taught will surely help us to shine in the future always. Forgiveness is not easy but you ensured that we value them for a smoother and longer relationships.
    Way back when I was a child, I would wait eagerly for the Rajdoot sound which was a sign for additional happiness coming home.My place was safe and secure on the fuel tank for the rides that you took me. For every wish we made you fulfilled them. Years ago, you had been our quiz master at night; improving our IQ; a teacher who made us f…