The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

     Synopsis of the book is more catchy than the cover and the title. The story mainly revolves around the three youngsters Abhay, Sashank and Unnati who are in their twenties daring to accomplish an Indian road-trip along with a movie on the same. 

     The trio are all set to start their planned road trip with nervousness and excitement. As the story spins, giving you information about the beautiful destinations across India, it also throws light on the past of each individual's life. The childhood memories are not worth remembering if they had brought loneliness and darkness in life. Life is not smooth always and one always feels the other side of the grass is green. At the same time, changing your views, giving new perspective and thought to life and trying to make your present happy is what the book tells you about apart from Indian destinations and its facts. The friendship that Abhay and Sasha share throughout the book would definitely remind you about the close/best friend in your life. The charming girl is Unnati in the story with her sweet voice, who seeks attention from the one she loves. All  said, what can happen on a road-trip,be it fun or the hardships one has to face, fighting the right and wrong emotions; will they ever be able to complete this road trip with the movie ? I would definitely leave it to the readers to find out more.

    There are lot of incidents narrated in the story which one comes across in their daily life and this is one such book that has given me a connect with the story. Simple Language and effective emotions add grip to this story. The supporting characters be it moms' , mamaji, and various other characters involved in the road trip have done fair justice in the story. Viewing India on a RoadTrip is tough but the book has given an experience of East, West North & South in a beautiful way. 

    Love, Guilt, Solving the Complicated Mom-Son relationships, Friendship, Road Trips, food-love, following your dreams, Spirituality are the key elements of this book giving you the connect and ensuring  you get immersed in the story . Recommended to those who love travelling, like reading about love, relationships and definitely someone having an impulse or dreaming about the ROAD TRIP.

Rating : 3.5/5

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