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The THC ~ Under a Gibbous Moon

The book "The THC" had been received from The Tales Pensieve for its review.

    The book is all about the dynamic states of today's relationship. How love changes with time, consistency in the loyalty of relationships, guilt, loss of loved ones, the unheard feelings of a man/father/son and the adulteration in today's relationships.
      The story revolves around the three main characters Samar, Sanjaneka and Varun. Three different people, three different stories and all are at one place the THC. The book is a journey on the lives of three people; how they explore and face their problems and what brings them all to the THC. Co-incidences do happen and one can find it in their stories too. But the soothing feel that you get when you pour out your past, your problems and the result is the strength you get to face it is well explained. 
     The cover design is impressive. The writing style is simple with few errors here and there. The story is definitely disturbing for s…

In Loving Memory

The book "In Loving Memory" had been received from The Tales Pensieve for its review.

      The book is a collection of memories, incidents, struggles which involves majorly the author, her father and her closed ones. The cover of the book personally reminds me of freedom struggle but the book throws light on the Painter and his magnificent work which has been recognized globally.

       The childhood memories of the author, the modern living style in the olden days, her attachment towards her dad are well written. The role of her dad's close friends and her dad's love for painting is also well explained. The book does speak high on the magnificent art work of author's dad and also has few pictures of her dad's beautiful paintings but some how lacks to get the complete grip of the readers.

      The writing style is simple and classy. The quotes from the literature by great writers recognized world-wide are used to compare the situations beautifully. The…