Mother's Day Wishes !

      Maa, Amma, Ami, Mother, Mom, Mutter and many more, the way she is called is different in many languages but the feelings, care and love still remain the same. Oh yeah ! I am sitting 7468 km away (Google says so) missing you and hitting my keyboard to conduct my feelings , love and respect for you Maa. This is dedicated to my mother, MAA  and to every mom in this world who selflessly care for their sons and daughters.

Dear Maa, 
      You bared the pain when I entered this world. You treasured the moment you saw me and ignored all the pain you had gone through. You had the joyous tears and your happiness knew no bounds when I snuggled in your arms. As I grew, your care and concern never changed and of course I am still pampered by your unconditional love. 

When my world is dark, you had always been the source of light!
You personify hope, love and care and to have this altogether is rare!

Being concerned day & night, 
Working just to make sure everyone is right and fit!

We love food and we love it more 
When you prepare 
From the bottom of your heart 
As always and I become fat !

Express how proud you are about me in public
Correct my flaws in private

Whisper my secrets and they are safe with you
Words are insufficient to describe you
This is just a tiny picture about you.

Wish you were here
In you, I could again snuggle 
Rest my head on your lap
And have the peaceful sleep

Your Daughter
Loving you infinitely and unconditionally forever
& Currently Missing you !!!


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