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Scratched ~ Book Review

The book "Scratched" has been reviewed as a part of tour schedule of  Njkinny Tours & Promotions.

Thank you Marie for signing the book :) !!!

The first book "Scarred", in the series portrays the story of one of the three Anderson brothers Dominick. The second book namely Scratched is about Kevin and the next book Scorned is about Michael; yet to be released.
Scratched as the title of the book; reflects the the story too. The haunting past, struggling present, complicated relationships, love, emotions are few of the various sweet and spicy elements the story is built upon.
Kevin and Dom have had a shady childhood life and yet had overcome the struggles the life gifted them. Apart from finding happiness in making people's feet tap with his DJ; Kevin also finds happiness with Trinity around.
Kevin's passion for Basketball, becomes a driving force for him to finish his unfinished academics. He also gives another chance to his love life.But life has something else…

The President who inspired the nation !!!

Well the picture says it all !!!
The simple missile man with great vision had been and will always be a great inspiration in the years to come.
The title of his diverse and thought provoking books portraits his conceptual thoughts ; his love for technology, rocket science, work, way of living, and what not apart from the most important element "DREAM". 
Actions do speak louder than words; but in his case; his words were sufficient enough to do the magic of igniting minds.
His invaluable contribution towards the field of Science and Technology; in the field of Education, the highly inspirational thoughts and quotes and his writings will always be etched in every Indian's heart.
Even during the Post Presidency period he tirelessly worked to impart knowledge to brighten the future minds. In every phase of his life; his career he has lived only to serve selflessly. 
There is grief everywhere , yes we have lost People's President, we have lost the missile man, we have lost the …

Story of Tubulu - An amazing Journey Called Life

The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

    Reacting during a tragedy, relationship bonding, kind-hearted people, gratefulness, love, emotions are few of the various attributes on which the story is set upon. 

    Bipin along with his son Tublu move to a faraway land in search of help when they lost everything during a natural calamity. Sharmas turn out to be their saviour resulting in a wonderful bond not only amongst the parents but also between their kids.

    The story seems to be plain, predictable and has been narrated in stages in the form of a Journey. The journey of life of a young boy to a manhood and the journey of a young girl to womanhood. The description of crush-feeling at school level, love and relationships at college level and then the maturity level is explained with the central characters Tublu and Mania. The supporting characters have been made fit appropriately in the story. 

     Misunderstanding, emotional stress and how dan…

Shamsuddin's Grave - The Story of A Homeless

The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

    Poverty, illiteracy, illegal immigrants are the basic ingredients  on  which the story is set with the background of Miya Muslim and their struggle to survive in their own nation. Latika, Shamsuddin are the central characters of the story. Latika who aspires to change the society and after a set back in her personal life joins an NGO and her career path is definitely not a bed of roses. Meanwhile , the dark shades of Shamsuddin creates a tragedy for his own life at the personal front. A personal loss leads to a realisation and he leads a life with a hope of recovering all the personal losses.

   The author has used a simple language and is quite easy to understand but is lengthy at the same time. As such the story could have been made shorter. Supporting characters have done enough justice and are placed appropriately.

The title and the caption go in synchronisation with the story to some extent. The end…

Things that Happen...

When...  SCHOOL FRIENDS meet !!!It has been almost half a decade since I left school. But every time the last minute planning to hangout works out than a well PRE - planned meet up alias the failure plan .

You will always have that one person to plan and send out the invites. The initiator shall process all the back end requests from different sources every time.

Valid Replies please !!!

Five years back; people were active on Facebook groups but with the looming Whatsapp Groups; after the invite is send out; you will always have few envying people in the group praying for the plan to transform into a "FLOP PLAN" or drag the conversation to a next impossible level.

Punctuality is Redefined

Now when the time is 5.30 pm; you are a fool to expect people to reach at least by 6.00 pm. As a few are the pretentious busy VVIPs !

Drop outs
And when everyone meets; there is always the school friend turned entrepreneur busy minting money and pulls out at the last moment with the s…
Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy

I selected this book when my eyes had hit on the words written "From the author of The Pursuit of Happiness.... " and the book didn't disappoint me.
Words will fail to appreciate the author's writing style and the narration. The struggle of Jane in every phase of her life and the way the story was weaved with beautiful thread of emotions and appropriate phrases will definitely take you to a new world. The depression of the character will melt your heart. Though the ending could have been still better ; its a complete page turner !

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He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him ~ Book Review

The book had been received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

The effect and impact of past in present and how it results in future is scripted beautifully filled with suspense and emotions. Parents of Shreya are looking for an alliance and are having a tough time in finding a perfect match for her. As their beautiful daughter is extremely qualified with fat package and climbing the ladder of success at an accelerating rate. Finally they find a perfect match with few initial hiccups in the form of Kunal but the future has something else in store for Shreya.

Vengeance is the only objective Kunal has in his mind and marriage life doesn't turn out to be a bed of roses for Shreya; when her past pops into the present. Why revenge and what is the past secret ; I leave it to the readers to discover it.

Shika Kumar, the author has succeeded in making the readers get attached to her characters. The portrayals about the Indian marriages, the concern of a …