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Things that Happen...

When...  SCHOOL FRIENDS meet !!!It has been almost half a decade since I left school. But every time the last minute planning to hangout works out than a well PRE - planned meet up alias the failure plan .

You will always have that one person to plan and send out the invites. The initiator shall process all the back end requests from different sources every time.

Valid Replies please !!!

Five years back; people were active on Facebook groups but with the looming Whatsapp Groups; after the invite is send out; you will always have few envying people in the group praying for the plan to transform into a "FLOP PLAN" or drag the conversation to a next impossible level.

Punctuality is Redefined

Now when the time is 5.30 pm; you are a fool to expect people to reach at least by 6.00 pm. As a few are the pretentious busy VVIPs !

Drop outs
And when everyone meets; there is always the school friend turned entrepreneur busy minting money and pulls out at the last moment with the s…
Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy

I selected this book when my eyes had hit on the words written "From the author of The Pursuit of Happiness.... " and the book didn't disappoint me.
Words will fail to appreciate the author's writing style and the narration. The struggle of Jane in every phase of her life and the way the story was weaved with beautiful thread of emotions and appropriate phrases will definitely take you to a new world. The depression of the character will melt your heart. Though the ending could have been still better ; its a complete page turner !

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