Usual morning to run and catch the direct bus #S12...! This morning I met a person who was a regular customer at my dad's office. He had been working in a firm in our street. With morning greetings, he inquired about my college, academics etc.,.

       His voice began to fell with grief and pain as the conversation penetrated towards Life which is no free with stress and the competition around. Lack of Job Satisfaction had made him to change his job and the new job's workplace was quite far away from the previous In spite of these drawbacks, he enjoyed working in a target oriented company filled with pressure to work apart from the packages, additional packages were job satisfaction, quality and loads of travelling too. 

    When he graduated in 1998, life was totally different. Fresh blood bubbling to achieve heights, friends, 
parties and happiness covered the air. 

But today he has lost the reason to live.

 In 2006, he got married and his wife passed away in 2009 because of the dreadful disease Cancer. He says,

      "Two years of wonderful life, followed by a year with struggle and she is no more with me ! Now for whom should I live???", His wet eyes expressed the deep pain he had and he resumed saying,

" I try to keep myself busy ! I love my family but I MISS HER ! ", with a hurting smile he ended which life gave him.
    I didn't know what to speak further. I just looked at him; He stood up and told me life is like that anyway have a good day and all the best. 

After that day i did meet him occasionally in the same bus and just formal conversation on how things were and a full stop.

         Emptiness becomes heavier in our lives when we lose our loved ones. But one needs to learn to overcome and accept the the bitter truth without one's desire to accept it or not. Because , we just have only one option which is to acknowledge and follow what Robert Frost says, " Life goes on !".


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