Beaten by Bhagath! A Tale of Two Writers

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

If there were movies which gave you an insight about the struggle of an actor/actress and the happenings in the film industry, then Beaten by Bhagath! A Tale of Two Writers by S.V. Divvaakar is an eye opener about the struggle of an author who  wants to create a mark with the power of his pen writing words that can create an impact in a reader's mind.The author's note has quality words which personify the pain intensity and is heart touching.
The story revolves around BB who had been a quality writer and also had been awarded with several praises from his colleague. He plans to try his hands on writing his debut novel whereas on the other hand his college friend K10 was now a well established popular author.
As the story weaves one can find its just not only about the struggles but also the sacrifices a writer had to make in the journey of getting his/her book published. The hardships and the challenges have been highlighted. Besides the comparisons, the role of family and description of a strong bond of FRIENDSHIP and the feelings involved in them have also been beautifully portrayed.
The hunt for the publisher, marketing strategies, the bad world around you and other darker sides are not left in the race of mentioning. The fictional imagination about paperbacks is a proof for author's innovative thoughts. I personally, was touched with the technology description as the story was drawing to the end though I felt the hardhips being too heavily dragged.
Will the author remain successful or become stagnant by falling down while climbing up the stairs. How will BB and K10 react when they come across each other? Do read and find it for yourself!

Happy Reading !!!

Thank you Tales Pensive for giving me the book to review.

Rating : 4/5

About the author
S.V.Divvaakar, an alumnus of the IIT Delhi, is an international Monitoring and Evaluation specialist and also serves on the boards of a few international companies. He writes a blog ‘Life Purpose and Happiness’ and has now ventured into writing, picking up the genre of realistic fiction.


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